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Biblical Counseling Basic Training

Basic Training Module


To equip Christians for discipleship and crisis counseling.


To examine what Scripture teaches about both our hearts (the root) and our behavior (the fruit), and how we are to repent, believe and obey Christ in life changing ways, and help others do the same.

  • BiblicalFoundations —Heart Issues
  • History of Counseling Philosophy
  • Goal and Elements of Biblical Counseling
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Self-love, Self-esteem or Self-worship?
  • Spousal Roles, Relationships and Intimacy
  • Parental Attitudes and Goals
  • Child Rearing and Discipline
  • Anger,Fear, Worry, Depression & Guilt
  • Self-Control, Breaking Life-Dominating Sins

Reading Assignments and Homework
Some due 1st day of class

Biblical Counseling is modeled through viewing and discussing video taped counseling sessions, Q & A , and role playing.

This module provides all the instruction required for NANC Certification.


Track Two


These advanced courses are aimed to help the counselor become more skilled in helping people. Taught by experienced and qualified people working in the area being addressed, these advanced studies will equip the counselor to better help people grow and change.

Note:     Completion of a Basic Training Module
or a ACBC approved Level 1 or Track 1 Course is a prerequisite.

Help with Family Issues

February 20

9am - noon

This course focuses on helping counselors establish a Biblical view of leadership in the home.


  •  Helping counselors train spouses on the Biblical model of leadership for their homes.
  • Historic, prevalent models with a focus on cross-cultural, biblical models.
  • Addressing the objections and issues that surround authority and submission while prizing and maintaining the brother/sister relationships foundational to marriage.


Help with Addictions

March 19

9am - noon

This course focuses on the issue of same sex attraction.


  • Establish a Biblical Goal (it might not be what you think!)
  • Address heart/root issues
  • Provide direction in counseling instruction and homework.
  • Case studies dealing with the morally challenging questions friends and relatives often face.


Help with Marital Reconciliation

April 16

9am - Noon

 This course focuses on helping couples restore trust following adultery


  • Expressing your feelings to God.
  • Learning to ask the right questions.
  •  Learning to forgive.
  •  Learning to trust…why forgiveness does not equal trust.


Skills and Strategies

May 21

9am - Noon

This course  will help you to develop your counseling skills in thinking about Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Transformation.


  • An avenue where evangelism and discipleship take place.
  • Counseling accelerates the biblical process of change.
  •  Using homework to guide the counselee through the process of change.




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